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This area will link to significant Bible based projects, and promote other Biblically focused projects projects, with a particular interest in the way that these can be promoted using social media.

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Grow with the BibleGrow with the Bible was a collaboration between the major Bible reading notes agencies (BRF, CWR, IBRA, The Salvation Army and Scripture Union) and the Bible Society – working together to tackle the decline in personal Bible reading throughout the UK. Development work has stopped, but archival material remains available.Website
The Bible UKIn 2013, The Bible took America by storm. In December 2013, it came to Channel 5 in the UK, designed to stimulate conversation about The Bible.

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #thebibleuk.
Official Resources; Videos on YouTube; read a collection of thoughts, or join in the conversation on Twitter.
The People's BibleIn 2011, the public reproduced an entire King James Bible (and more to spare!) in their own handwriting. More than 43,000 verses were written in total. The two vans which toured England, Wales and Scotland covered 17,428 miles between them.Website

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